Nick and King, the lovely locals of Ubud, Bali. King dresses regal, to suit his name, and Nick, well, his tattoos dress him up. they give me laughs, they give me rice wine, they give me love, they give me massages, the give me cigarettes, they give me guidance. King barely speaks english, but tries to teach me their gambling game. Nick tells me much about his life: his past addiction, his love for music, his family, his philosophy, his idea of beauty. he lives slow, he lives simple, he lives kind. everyday, we drive back into the courtyard and I am just as happy to see their faces as I am exploring the beautiful town of Ubud.

bali, march 2016


remembering rama

the home kitchen/restaurant just around the corner from ballibu hostel, in Ubud, Bali. she takes her time to cook each meal individually. NASI CAMPUR: rice, marinated chicken, tempeh, tofu, beansprout salad. as I’m eating the best meal of my life, she reveals she’s only been cooking a year.

bali, march 2016