Maybe, I understood religion today.
Or, at least, the feeling of faith.
The sense of something bigger than myself overtook my mind
and my body
and my heart.
The connection I felt to nature, this planet, reached someplace new.
I think I felt what people feel when they are at their church or their mosque or their temple.
I can only describe what I felt as real faith.
But I’m worshipping the ground beneath me, I’m worshipping the jungle around me, and I’m worshipping the existence of this beautiful creature swinging above me.

Orangutans share 96% percent of our DNA.
4% of data separates us from another species.

How can so much be done and believed because of words other humans wrote?
It never felt right to me to hear human words in a human language and except them as holy, or sacred, or divine.
Swimming in the ocean feels holy.
Having the skies open up and pour down rain feels sacred.
Being in the presence of a wild, beautiful animal feels divine.
Alone, we are not special.
We are special through our connection to the world around us.

I might not believe in one creator, in one supreme being, in one high and almighty.
But if there is a god, maybe she is an orangutan.

borneo, may 2016