tales from an incurable optimist

A true idealist is not someone who can’t see negativity and believes it doesn’t exist.
An idealist is someone who is internally affected more heavily by that negativity than most.

When a true idealist lets the staunch nature of reality set in, instead of accepting it, like the realist (who sees it, maybe even predicts it, and is able to move on with their day)

an idealist feels it
to their core
to the point of tears
to the point of deep, deep sadness.

And that sensitivity is an embarrassment.
That sensitivity is perceived by many as a weakness.

An idealist is not someone who doesn’t see the negative.
A true idealist is not ignorant.

An idealist sees the world in the most positive light and bases their actions on that view not necessarily because they believe it to be the reality,

but because they know if they let reality into their soul, the crippling sadness that will come over them will cease their will to live.

They see the world in a positive light because it’s the only way they can fight their extreme sensitivity to humans not acting kindly to one another.

Unwavering idealism does not spin from the idealist’s perceptions,
it spins from their emotions.
And from the need to protect their fragile hearts at all costs.

brooklyn 2016